BBC America

bbc america rebrand

cable tv is on the frontline of the rapidly changing media landscape. in order to thrive, cable…


indycar now

the fifth installment in the Racing Heart campaign launches with an all new car and a next…



setting style with the ford focus

we worked with team detroit to explore ford brand style via the iconic ford focus.



What happens next?

the fourth installment of indycar’s racing heart campaign “NEXT” picks up after the legendary…



what defines a legend

this campaign celebrates the legendary season of the 100th running of the indy 500



sundance tv. story

SundanceTV is an evolution of the network’s aesthetic, nomenclature, and behavior. To achieve…



the heart of racing

indy rivals. a new campaign to thrill fans, champion heroes and make hearts race.


The CW

charting the digital future of…

seed is a new, digital-only television channel from the cw. watch for it in the fall.



cointreau brand re-mix

breathing new life into the legendary liqueur.


euro rscg

the global brand

while at euro we served as global chief design officers, a great honor and a great time. one of the…



untitled 1

a (very) quick look at what we’ve been up to



rebranding thelab

we repositioned the lab expanding their capabilities and shifting their positioning from color…



the xkr

driving traffic to the showroom



jaguar xk 60

this film celebrates 60 years of legendary jaguar performance



think again. the lincoln mkx

the lincoln mkx was recognized as having best in class fuel economy, which really is cause for…



the shapeshifter

the shapeshifter for nickelodeon, a branded line that travels through time and space. fun.



jaguar brand turnaround

moving the brand from old, bald and boring to Gorgeous.



shanghai tease

we had a day to pull this tease film together for the shanghai auto show ... all so that we could…



xf launch

the xf was the first all new jaguar in the turnaround of the brand.



the iconic cracker gets its…

this is the film we created to show how we thought it could work.




a film created to launch new programming for showtime’s extreme network. literally, it’s a kick in…



nike and sky tv

this is a series of spots we did for nike and their sponsorship of sky tv in the u.k.



Museum of modern art new…

these films were created to promote the new directors new films series at MoMA



hyatt space

this is a film we created in the pathways development of the campaign for hyatt.



women and film

a film series curated around the women who have changed film.



cadillac brand re-ignition

shifting the brand from float-y old boat to precise and sylish.



bonneville speed test

this film was made to celebrate a new land speed record for jaguar.


open your eyes

this is a film we made for belvedere vodka. the clients loved it, but thought that it would be…


the audience network

the audience network pitch

this is a film we did when pitching the audience network. we didn’t win the project, but we love…



gorgeous deserves your immediate…

the film that launched the jaguar turnaround



the fastest of the fast

the ‘r’ series is the high performance offer from jaguar. in layman’s terms, driving an ‘r’ makes…


comedy central

comedy central rebrand

moving the brand from television channel to media company.



jaguar concept car cxf

the reveal of the concept was done at cobo arena in detroit. the new car won concept of the year,…



the impact of independence

created for the launch of the new season, the sundance channel asked us to create a glance of the…


amuse bouche

try some things

this is the team goofing around with the new brand language for jw. try some things. see what it…



the art of smarter

we worked with wpp’s team detroit to create these films celebrating the masterful construction of…



lincoln brand transition

tee’ing up the new lincoln motor company with campaigns that challenged the norms of luxury and…