this year there were grand fights on the beach to stake claim, the babies came, and then about 5 weeks in other lone adults started showing up, and then another young family. all in all an extra 5 adults and 4 goslings joined. and this summer we answered a nagging question without goggling it... how do the other baby geese travel to a different pond?

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we found out at dawn one morning as we headed into the city. as we left we saw the family that had homesteaded our pond -- the adults stand and flap as we pass -- and as we made it out to the road we saw another family walking toward our place. it was classic disney, a line of geese crossing the road, full baby waddle. that evening when we returned, the ponds were full of goose life.

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solitude and collaboration


we have geese on our ponds in the spring and summer, so we’ve learned a thing or two about them. of real fascination to me was discovering that geese fight like hell to have a pond to themselves to breed, but then they gather in community to raise the goslings. i’ve been pondering it as a way of thinking about developing ideas. i’ve noticed the cycle for years in myself, and in people i’ve worked with. a frustrated need to have some space, quiet focus, and then loud collaboration.