these beans made it into the oat risotto

dinner and music


neil gust came up for dinner last night. he had shared 3 new songs with us and we wanted time to listen to them together and talk.

the songs are from a new body of work where he is challenging his own sense of how to make music, and they mark a powerful turning point in his already audacious career.

the music is powerful, he spoke often of it having a thrasher quality that i understand, but there is also a steely restraint. and of course there’s a rocker mastery that’s kinda undeniable, and surprises in construction that jam up to hooks that make your ears tickle. one of the songs made me feel like a 15-year old girl hanging out with unbearably cool college boys with awesome stereo equipment.

we drank too much wine, toasting a summer of work and sharing a meal that was an ode to the boisterous collision that is indian summer.