i write often about brands, rebrands, launches… and i’m not shy with my opinion. but i am shy about this particular launch. the trailer and gallery that i just moved over to the live portion of the site are the first step in launching a multi media novel that hal and i have been working on for years, it’s called positano

hal and i have worked together for many, many years most of them as some sort of corporate-type entity. i remember quite vividly when we started our business, sitting across the desk from an authoritative-type lawyer that explained the benefits of the corporate veil, and the risks that one ran if that veil was pieced. i’ve imagined it often, and it always seems to be a gossamer affair. there is a veil, too, between the corporate and personal work that many of us do. one of the most interesting aspects of this project has been exploring the value and the cost of that particular veil.