while legions of consumers move towards more values-based behavior, some corporate giants are moving in the direction of, well, creepy.

just before the holiday weekend, google announced its plan “to track billions of credit and debit card sales to compare online ad clicks with money spent offline.”

this might mean more metrics for advertisers, but, no matter how google slices it, less privacy for everyone else.

if you feel that this may be tipping into google doing like, maybe a little bit of evil, this is how to ensure your settings don’t allow them access, courtesy of’s researchers:

“Users can opt out of the service by going to their ads setting page and unchecking the box that says: “Also use Google Account activity and information to personalise ads on these websites and apps and store that data in your Google Account”.

Users can also disable personalisation for all Google ads. And they can pause or delete their location history.”  

and to ensure that the brands you like don’t partake in this little bit of evil, write and let them know you don’t want to be tracked that way.