a spotter’s guide to the revolution: when all brands are media brands

as companies across industries — from automotive to crackers to publishing and television — invest in creating, publishing, managing, and engaging fans with their content, it seems more and more that all brands are media brands. here’s the coverage catching my attention…

cold shoulder
Last May, Variety reported that “the number of branded posts across all TV pages [on Facebook] increased by 77% from October 2016 to March 2017.” But in January, Mark Zuckerberg gave branded content the cold shoulder when he announced an algorithm change that will de-prioritize public content from businesses, brands, and media in favor of content posted by friends and family.

It’s sort of like how a consumers’ pipe gets throttled, now the business pipe to consumer’s gets the squeeze.

Social Mickey
Instead of recreating an iconic TV show for TV, Disney created a show entirely for social media “Disney, like most studios and networks, has seen audiences hit play on digital screens and back away from the cable box.” So, to resurrect The Mickey Mouse Club beloved by Boomers and Gen X, the network made Club Mickey Mouse — one to two minute episodes exclusively for Facebook and Instagram.

Wait. disney made it for facebook and facebook is giving it the cold shoulder.

Super Highway
Though all traditional automakers are trying to prepare for the market changes coming their way, Ford, under the leadership of change-positive CEO Jim Hackett, is setting its sights on a new, very 21st century goal: Ford as not just a car manufacturer, but a mobility technology business.

i’m seeing the mobile living room in this move.

the quotable quote, from Turner CTO Jason Legg to Forbes
“This current — and permanent — dynamic disrupting our industry is what we like to call the race to the center. That is, digital and technology players are trying to become more proficient in content creation, delivery and distribution, while traditional content companies are trying to become more proficient in their use of technology and data. The goal for both sides is to deliver experiences that create the most valuable type of consumer — dedicated fans.”