a spotter’s guide to the revolution:
trust is in crisis

trust decline in the u.s. is the steepest ever measured. according to the edelman trust barometer, in 2017 the u.s.’s informed public trust index score placed it 6th amongst the most trusted nations — this year, it has fallen 23 points to the very bottom of the index.

the media is deeply distrusted and polarized in the u.s. which, if you’ve been paying any attention, is not surprising. but it’s still curious. it’s a time when we’ve seen a major shift around business and values — ethics is the new luxury and both consumer and brand decisions are being driven by the moral principles they’re willing to stand by (or stand down). but as the demand for action based on right and wrong increases, trust wanes. 

that means things aren’t looking so good in the hope department either.

worldwide the general population’s trust in their key institutions has declined since 2012, which edelman concludes means that hope is flagging, noting that most people “don’t believe that individuals [in power] are working towards better.”

if all brands are media brands, and media brands are distrusted, is being a media brand bad for business — or is it an opportunity to demonstrate your leadership toward better?