a spotter’s guide to the revolution: the argument for gasoline

if the headline had been “the good argument for gasoline” this would be a blank post, which is what i really wanted to do. a blank post kind of cracked me up, but there is one argument for gasoline that we could end up staring down the barrel of one day.

in this article, from controversial crowd-sourcing investment platform seeking alpha, an argument that hinges upon potential advances in clean air technologies sets up how the current administration could not just reduce or eliminate electric car subsidies, but even tax or outright ban electric cars in the u.s.

what? with the mantel of electric being held by china and championed by europe, banning electric cars in the u.s. would create a certain lack of competitive edge for us globally, and would leave the states within the union that are committed to the transition holding the proverbial bag.

i’m trying to keep an open mind as i investigate electric, hybrid, and gasoline — and i’m still looking for a good argument for gasoline only.