a spotter’s guide to the revolution: speed bumps and goosebumps

“nothing tesla does is normal,” says a KBB senior analyst. “[musk] pushes people to think further and faster, and we need people like that.” but despite his visionary prowess, npr reports the innovator’s company has missed its production goals, and it has analysts wondering if the company can keep up with itself.

while carmakers are developing electric vehicles at a breakneck pace, infrastructure is segueing organically… except when it comes to highway chargers, presenting a “buying hurdle” for eager buyers.

volkswagen joins the ranks of car brands taking on tesla with its latest announcement: they’re accelerating a push into electric with plans to develop five all-electric models.

if car makers are going to want their electric vehicles to compete with internal combustion engines, the battery prices will “need to drop by more than half” according to bloomberg new energy finance, and that isn’t projected to happen until 2025.

and this. not only will harmful emissions be cut drastically worldwide when internal combustion engines start fading off the roadways, but researchers expect electric vehicles to displace more than 8 million barrels of oil a day by 2040. that gives me goose bumps. 8 million barrels a day.