a spotter’s guide to the revolution: slow social

several years ago people began talking about this idea of slow social. like slow fashion or slow food, slow social emphasizes quality, connection, and meaningfulness over quantity and quick consumption.

but while there were some canaries signaling the dangers of our increasing connectedness, slow social never really took off. but now, with distrust of the media at an all time high, our social currency being traded away by others, and absolutely everyone wanting to just fucking turn off already, i think the slow social movement is poised for a second wind.

“this shift is not a total abandonment of social platforms but more about using these platforms for […] true connection and community and learning.” -geoffrey colon, branding strategy insider 

if social media so far had a rallying cry it would be FOMO.

but fear, including the fear of missing out, doesn’t really lend itself to the cultivation of connection, community, and learning — at least not in any real, sustainable way. But joy does, and so the emerging rallying cry of the slow social movement — JOMO: the joy of missing out — gives me hope.

The idea itself gives me joy.