a spotter’s guide to the revolution: detroit

the coverage that caught my attention…
are sedans going the way of the internal combustion engine?
“The shift by the public away from two-door and four-door passenger cars is defining where and how automakers are spending their research and development money with more investment going to trucks and SUVs.”

ford fights for lead in the all-electric push.
Ford announced plans to start selling the Mach 1, an electric high-performance SUV in 2020. The auto maker said it will invest $11 billion to create 40 new electric and hybrid vehicles that will be available by 2022 (16 of which will be all-electric, like the Mach 1).

teched out is the new normal.
“Quiet cabins, Wi-Fi connectivity, wireless charging, LED headlights, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are no longer differentiators. Just about every automaker boasted these features Monday at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.”

change knowledge in action.
“Regaining its bearings under new CEO Jim Hackett, Ford threw the full weight of its resources at the North American International Auto Show this year, making news from the past, present and future for a throng of automotive journalists during its press day. Ford reached back 50 years to pull one of its brand hallmarks—the car from the Steve McQueen racing movie Bullitt—out of obscurity.”

it’s a fan thing.
detroit news reported that “Mark Miles, CEO of Hulman & Co., the parent company of IndyCar and Indianapolis Motor Speedway, feels the series’ future is bright… and exciting… with 21 drivers winning races the last three years, including 10 last season, attendance is up and four new teams have been added for this season.”

superfan, NBC Sports MotorSportTalk writer Tony DiZinno tweeted: Mark Reuss, President GM North America, notes how INDYCAR and DetroitGP has “taught our company how to win again.”

the fifth installment of indycar’s ‘racing heart’ campaign — launched in detroit. the campaign puts fans in the driver’s seat for every adrenaline fueled moment of the high-speed competition. and the fans, they like it. the launch event garnered 1.5M impressions, more than double those of 2017. the multi-platform campaign hits top speed with the first race of the season in st. petersburg, florida march 11th.