"indycar racing, no longer spinning its wheels, draws greater interest"

johnson + wolverton’s 2017 indycar campaign, next, intended to catapult the league into the future… and it appears the future is now. according to a recent new york times article, “indyCar racing, with sleek open-wheeled racers that can turn 220-mile-per-hour laps, appears to have established a foothold after spinning for two decades.”

johnson + wolverton has a fierce focus on being where a brand’s fans are, and has been collaborating with indycar over the last four years to move the brand closer to a younger fan base. “we’re ascending again as a sport,” says cmo cj o’donnell. indy’s ceo, mark miles, seconds that emotion: “i don’t see any cap to our growth.”

next is the fourth chapter in a campaign series started in 2014.