indycar: next

INDYCAR just released a video teasing the new communication plan for the 2017 season, which highlights the future of the renowned racing brand. this year’s theme, NEXT, is the fourth installment of INDYCAR’s Racing Heart campaign, developed in 2014 by johnson + wolverton. building off of 2016’s LEGENDS, NEXT conveys the message of the continued growth and momentum of the country’s fastest-growing form of motorsport with the thrilling speed and heart-thumping sound audiences have come to expect from INDYCAR. “Coming off the legendary 100th running of the 500 we needed to create something that catapulted the league into the future,” says alicia of their campaign concept. “We embraced an aesthetic that captures the energy and thrill of being at a race, the rush of gaming, and the intensity of the drivers. I love that it feels like you can’t quite keep up with it.”