pipe wrench with heart. a gift from charlie campbell during the construction of the gallery exhibition "rothenburg: the shame bath"

be careful what you wish for

we’ve wished for many things over the years. mostly our wishes have come true. amazing, i know. but true. i always try to keep our clients focused on their wishes, the biggest successes they can imagine and then contribute to those wishes. add our firepower and will to making them real.

the summer is ending, and as an old teacher used to say to me, “it’s time to dream a new dream.” i was curious about the difference between a wish and a dream. there’s a lot of overlap. maybe a bit more active fervency to a wish, a bit more contemplation to a dream. so my wish (it’s more active, more fervent) is a ‘paris of the north’ type affair going on in our studio this winter. a hubbub of film making, a steaming cauldron of ideas, a deep joy to living the life we’ve built.